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Do you feel your presentations lack a strong story? Is your pitch not effective on the D-day?

Individuals and businesses have great ideas. But the majority lack the knack of conveying them effectively to their customers, investors and other stakeholders.

Business Storyboarding is an effective way to visualize your idea, map your customer journey, select the most important elements of your idea and understand where you are missing out. With an effective understanding of storyboarding, your presentations and pitch would start becoming more coherent, engaging, and convincing.

About the Facilitator
Sameera Maruvada is a Vizag-based webcomic artist, Illustrator, YouTuber, and an art instructor. She runs her own online brand by the name ‘saltandsambar’ on Instagram, where she posts funny and relatable comics about her life as a South Indian woman. She also runs a YouTube channel under the name ‘saminspire’ which has over a hundred videos about exploring one’s art and creativity, with her channel amassing over 4 million views and 26,000 subscribers. She is also an art instructor and she has given art tutorials and workshops over various platforms like YouTube, Skillshare, and Instagram. She will be assisted by Ms. Manaswini Panigrahi, a Software Engineer, during this workshop.

This Business Storyboarding workshop will broadly cover the following:

  • What is a storyboard and why is it used
  • How to draw a storyboard – the basic rules
  • How to use storyboarding in marketing/ business presentations
  • Example of storyboarding using a problem statement

Please note:

  • Workshop participants must have a notebook, pencil, eraser, and a black pen.
  • This Salt and Sambar workshop, like all other workshops of VISTA 2020, shall be certified by IIM Bangalore VISTA 2020.
  • Proceeds from the registration fee go to the event organizer VISTA 2020.

Click here to register Registration Deadline: October 25th 11:59 PM IST

Click here to register

Registration Deadline: October 25th 11:59 PM IST

Workshop Date: October 31st
Workshop Time: 5 PM – 6 PM

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