Thinking on the box

26th to 28th July 2019

“Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story.”

The event is a fun, creative exercise to help teams step into the shoes of their users. Instead of brainstorming the product itself, you will instead brainstorm the packaging. Here is how. Most of the items that you buy from the market are wrapped in a box/cover. This packaging is an extension of the product and the company. 

Here, we provide you an opportunity for you to design a packaging box for a product of your own choice and showcase it to the panel of judges convincing them that your product is better than others. You will have an IIMB Alum who will mentor you during the course of the event. 

So put on your creative hats, come up with your metaphorical product and start designing!!!!

Round 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims)

Answer 3 short questions to help us assess you as a team. Be succinct and effective! This will be an elimination round. You will be judged on the clarity and relevance of your thought process. Access the questions on D2C under Round 1 details

 Round 2: (On-Campus round)

In this exercise, your team will design the packaging for your imaginative product. You need to think about the product you want to sell and decide how you want to package it. You will be given a box with paper and other stationery. You as a brand, must efficiently utilize this limited print space to market your product. Your team should visualise what attracts the customers and accordingly layout the information and design of your product on the box. Further details will be shared with selected teams separately 

Round 3: (On-Campus round)

 Finalist teams will pitch the product to the panel by explaining their product and packaging design.

Prizes worth Rs. 10,000

1. Participants must be present on IIMB campus for Round 2 and 3 of this event 

2. This is a team event, with each team consisting of a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 participants, all of whom must be enrolled in a graduate or a post-graduate program at the time of the submission. Each team must have a team leader. 

3. The participants must carefully read through and agree to the following Terms & Conditions: 

All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgments will be with the organizing committee of Vista, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. The format and structure of events on campus could be subject to change before the actual beginning of the event.

 4. The decisions of the organizers will be final and binding on all participants. 

5. Further rules to be intimated on the day of the event

Name: Sinjan Pathak 

Phone: +91 9674943323 

Name: Abhinav Jain

Phone: +91 9899041603