Workshop- Using Art for Self Realization

About the workshop:

“We are not what other people say we are. We are who we know ourselves to be, and we are what we love…”  Aravani’s Art Workshop is not a workshop in the literal sense… It is an immersive journey towards self – realization

In this workshop, trans-artists from Aravani shall narrate their personal stories on how ‘self’ is the most sacred amidst everything in life. Our constant pursuit of all things material – money, ambitions, goals, people, exams, etc. drains us mentally, emotionally and physically. And we end up forgetting the most important thing – our self. Also, sadly, we take very little time out to address ourselves in this rut. In this workshop, each person shall paint a self-portrait. It shall be a super-interactive workshop where a group of people in a classroom shall take some time off to sketch themselves, celebrate themselves and share this intimate experience with others. The workshop shall consist of two parts:

(a) Trans artists’ introduction to how self comes before everything else in life

(b) A self-portrait session where all registrants are encouraged to sketch, immerse and interact. 

About the facilitator: 

Aravani Art Project is a Women and Trans-Women art collective which involves a collaborative Public art/ wall art project to raise voice and awareness of the friendship between Trans-women and Women in public spaces. Aravani creates safe spaces for alternate voices through art. It examines their spaces of innovation, the places of their history and creates room to learn by transforming this knowledge into public art. The streets are a particularly important place of their work, as it is in these public spaces that the bodies of people identifying themselves as transgenders attract violence, harassment, social negligence and pressure.

Aravani creates social interventions into local communities and neighborhoods creating a space for discussion. It works on a project-by-project basis on research and commissioned projects. The design, imagery and message of an artwork are to bind the stories shared by their community and clients. It experiments with local colours, patterns, motifs, language, ritual, and story, whilst respecting and embracing local religions and spiritual beliefs. The visibility of the transgender figure has begun to disrupt long-held beliefs about gender and the ways we organize our lives around categories of gender. By making art together, Aravani is seeking to gently reshape the politics of inclusion and exclusion that surround gender identities.

Please note that this workshop, like all other workshops of VISTA 2019, shall be certified by IIM Bangalore VISTA 2019.