26th to 28th July 2019

As Michael Hyatt said “Marketing is really just about sharing your passion”. For all you passionate marketers, IIM Bangalore’s international business summit Vista 2019 in association with HCCB presents MarkGuru in collaboration with Mash. It is a marketing competition that will test your ability to understand the consumer market, real time business situations and creativity.

Round 1: Theme based video ad (First Prelims)

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The first round encompasses the basic creativity skills required for marketing an umbrella of products under a brand. Make a video advertisement based on a specific theme which will be tested on the quality of your content, creativity shown and its reach to the general public. In addition to the aforementioned parameters being tested, this will also be an opportunity to flaunt your video editing skills.

  • Make a 90-120 seconds (Minimum of 60 seconds) video advertisement.
  • Concepts of marketing to be highlighted in the video in a creative manner depicting the value proposition of the product.
  • Teams are encouraged to enact the videos instead of using just pictures and animations (live-action). There is no limit on the number of people to be present in the video.
  • You will be judged on the basis of content and creativity.
  • Upload the video advertisement in an mp4 format named as <<TeamName>>_<<LeaderName>> on the link shared to the registered participants (eg. ThreeMarketeers_Ashish Kulkarni)

Round 2: Product based research (Second Prelims)

In this round we will test your understanding of the market. How well do you understand the value created by a product? How well can you deliver it to the end consumer? How well can you highlight the strength and capabilities you got as a marketer? You will be assessed based on your ability to comprehend these details.

Round 3: Case based competition (On Campus Finals)

When it comes to evaluating quintessential business skills of an aspiring manager, what’s better than a real time business problem? In this round you would be involved in a case-based competition testing your understanding of the problem statement and identification of the challenges in front of you, thereby recommending solutions which are realistic, viable and best among your competitors.

Go ahead! Show us the perfect marketer that resides inside you!

INR 1Lakh Cash Prizes

  1. Registrations open: 18th June 2019
  2. This is a team event, with each team consisting of minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 participants, all of whom must be enrolled in a graduate or a post graduate program at the time of the submission. Each team must have a team leader.
  3. All participants must be registered for the event on the IIMB Vista website. Any team which does not register for the event on Vista website will be disqualified.
  4. Only the first submissions made by teams before the deadlines will be used.
  5. Participants have to travel to campus for the final on campus rounds subject to their selection.
  6. The participants must carefully read through and agree to the following Terms & Conditions: All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgments will be with the organizing committee of Vista, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. The format and structure of events on campus could be subject to change before the actual beginning of the event.
  7. The decisions of the organizers will be final and binding on all participants.

Name: Hardik Dubal
Mobile: 9899041603
Name: Alok Singh Yadav
Mobile: 7679930377

  • Registration & Round 1 Deadline

    23:59:59 IST, 5th July

  • Round 1 Case release

    12PM IST (noon), 25th June 2019

  • Round 2

    Will be announced soon

  • Round 3

    Will be announced soon