Team Vista is proud to present Pride-Nation in association with Quest Society and Pride Circle.

Dignity in work and life is something that we all value. However, it is something that does not come naturally to all. The LGBT+ community faces discrimination in all walks of life. Use this opportunity to make life for them a tad bit easier.

Round 1: Preliminary Submission

Submit a brief of your solution in either 1 Page (word document), 2 slides (ppt) or a 3 minute audio or video clip. You may use one or more of the given submission formats. However, if submitting multiple files, please zip your submissions into one folder to upload (Max File Size: 20MB).

Round 2: Final Presentation

Shortlisted teams will get an opportunity to present their solutions in detail to the founders of Pride Circle. Winners will also get an opportunity to work on a live project.

Prizes worth Rs. 20,000
Certificate of appreciation to all the finalists.

  • The registrations and deadline for round 1 submission will close by 11:59:59, 28th October.
  • Send the file named as <TeamName>_<TeamPoCName> via D2C.
  • Only the first submissions made by participants before the deadlines will be used.
  • All rounds will be conducted online.

Aishwarya Nair
Sushanth MP

Click here to register
Registration Deadline : 28 Oct’20 11:59 PM IST