Team Vista is proud to launch the flagship event “Numero Uno” – the hunt for the champion among champions. This battle of competencies will test participants on various managerial fronts with one goal – to bring out the future leader in them. With multiple rounds designed to test the participant’s acumen, ability to think on the spot, management concepts and leadership qualities, only the best shall prevail! Bring forth your creativity, dynamic spirit, and communication skills. Showcase your aptitude on all fronts. Are you the “Numero Uno”?

Numero Uno is an individual event. The event will be conducted in multiple rounds to test knowledge across domains like management, leadership, strategy with the ability to think on their feet.

Round 1: Differentiation (Pre-Vista Prelims)
Can you differentiate yourself with strategic knowledge as Porter suggests? Numero Uno provides you with an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and application of all managerial aspects. Round 1 will be a scenario-based quiz designed to test your acumen on finance, marketing, strategy, operations and human resources.

Round 2: Leadership (Case-based Submission)
Competing on cost is a reflex for most strategists. but can you bring your unique value proposition to the table to make decisions? Shortlisted candidates will qualify for Round 2 which will comprise an online case-based submission (2-page synopsis).

Round 3: Focus (Final Presentation)
Now that you have mastered the art of decision making, Round 3 allows you to enter into a battle with other champions. Shortlisted participants from Round 2 will qualify for this round which will be a presentation round held online. More details regarding the same will be provided to the finalists at a later date.

Cash prizes worth Rs. 75,000
Certificate of appreciation to all the finalists.

  1. The registrations will close by 11:59:59, 16th October
  2. Round 2 case will be accessible to the participants that qualify round 1.
  3. Send the PDF/PPT named as <FullName>_<CollegeName> via D2C.
  4. Only the first submissions made by participants before the deadlines will be used.
  5. All rounds will be conducted online.

Sunali Panda

Aishwarya Nair

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Registration Deadline : 16 Oct’20 11:59 PM IST