Do you have what it takes to be a versatile leader? How quickly can you think on your feet?

In any organization, CXOs play a significant role in shaping the organization’s future growth. It takes a real mastermind to design critical solutions to stay ahead of competitors. IIM Bangalore’s international business summit Vista 2020, in association with FOCAL, presents C-Suite, supported by Biz Games. Enter into a virtual world of reality, as your team battles with other CXOs in the areas of marketing, operations, finance, and human resources. Remember! Profitability alone won’t help you win. Be mindful of additional objectives as you create strategic plans and negotiate for budgets to outperform competitors.

IIM Bangalore’s international business summit Vista 2020 presents Fast Forward, the trading competition, in association with Investment Fund, and StockGro.

We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful. Choose your game wisely.

Round: Online Trading

  • The actual event will start one week before VISTA.
  • The event will last for 5 trading days.
  • The login information for the trading account will be made available to the registered participants only.
  • Details regarding login and registration on the online platform (StockGro) would be communicated via email.
  • Participants will be ranked based on their performances.
  • The team achieving maximum gain in portfolio value at the end of five days will be the overall winner of Fast Forward.
  • Real-time market prices will be used, and the participants cannot influence the price.
  • It is an online-only event.

Prizes worth Rs. 10,000
Certificate of appreciation to all the finalists.

There are only two simple rules to follow:

  • Rule No. 1 – Never lose money.
  • Rule No. 2 – Never forget Rule No. 1. – Warren Buffet

A good trader would make profits on a certain day but only a great trader would make profits every day.

Fast Forward this year is looking for the next George Soros who can use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis and has the skill and discipline to make a killing in the marketplace for 5 consecutive days.


  1. Teams must comprise of a maximum of 2 members, both of whom must be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate program at the time of the submission.
  2. Both the students in the team must be from the same institute.
  3. The decisions of the organizers will be final and binding on all participants.
  4. The participants must carefully read through and agree to the following Terms & Conditions: All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity, and final judgments will be with the organizing committee of Vista, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. The format and structure of events on campus could be subject to change before the actual beginning of the event.

Aishwarya Nair
Madhur Gupta
Deepesh Gupta

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Registration Deadline : 20 Oct’20 11:59 PM IST