CaSH – Careers, Salary and Happiness

What determines the paychecks of freshly minted graduates from leading universities around the world? What determines success? Is life all about the dopamine hit? Countless such questions throng the minds of graduates/ corporates at early stages of their careers. In this workshop, we take you through an inspirational journey to unravel these mysteries. The topics are those in the acronym itself:

(a) Ca – Careers: CV or Eulogy – What will you be measured by?

(b) S – Salary: What determines your first salary?

(c) H – Happiness: The Happiness Equation. Happiness = Attainment – Desire

Speaker : A banker by day and writer by night, multifaceted Rahul is an expert at Connecting the Dots – be it Ideas, Insights or Individuals. A Singapore Government scholar for undergraduate studies at NTU and an MBA from IIM Bangalore, Rahul is the youngest ever Secretary for IIMB Alumni Association, Singapore and serves as the Principal, Corporate Advisory Group at IIM Udaipur. He is passionate about education, poverty alleviation, technology, cross-cultural understanding and philosophy. Rahul has hosted several high profile events, advised IIMs on their International strategy and has been solicited by India’s Planning Commission ‘NITI Aayog’ on several projects. He is currently writing a book on life stories of 30 selected Singapore government scholars of Indian origin who have taken the road less travelled – Monk, Traveler, Photographer, Entrepreneur etc.

Registration Fee: Rs. 300/-

 Please note that this workshop, like all other workshops of VISTA 2019, shall be certified by IIM Bangalore.