Blockchain: Scope, Applications & Outlook

‘Data is the new oil’. Well, it may not be an understatement to state that ‘Blockchain is the Data of tomorrow’. The unprecedented enthusiasm around the realm of blockchain is its promise of a completely new Internet – the Internet of Value. The time is ripe for an emerging economy like India to capitalize on the enormous opportunities presented by blockchain technology to further its quest to emerge as a global powerhouse.

This workshop aims to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding blockchain. How will blockchain shape the future? What shall be its implications on business? These are some questions that shall be addressed through this 2-hour session. The workshop shall broadly cover the following topics:

  1. Blockchain Fundamentals- Cryptography, Consensus Mechanisms
  2. Blockchain Use Cases: Fintech,Identity Management,Open Banking, Drug Supply Chain etc.
  3. Blockchain Enterprise Adoption : Hype,Hope and Hurdles
  4. Interoperability: The Future of Blockchains

Participants are required to bring their laptops for the session.

The session will be conducted in collaboration with GBA.

GBA: GBA is a global not for profit organization that cultivates professional work flows between technologists, public policy makers, application specialists, and those who want to learn about the new and emerging digital currencies. Furthermore, GBA acts as a catalyst in creating a public dialogue around the creative, profitable, and positive leveraging of blockchain technology.

Registration Fee: Rs. 550