Ace the B-Moot 2.0

Registration Start Date 18th August 2016 - 12:00 AM
Registration Close Date 3rd September 2016 - 11:55 PM
Prizes Worth Rs 12,000

“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.”

Forum for Communication & Leadership, IIMB in association with FII brings to you in this Vista '16, Ace the B Moot 2.0.

As they say, the art of communication is the language of leadership, bring out the leader in you.
Sharpen your mind and clear your voice. Speak up as we launch a 360-degree hunt for the best business leader and orator.


Round 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims)

·  Participants will be given a business problem, for which they must submit their response

·  Responses may be submitted by EITHER of the following ways:

a) A 2-minute video entry (No need for a high-quality video submission. A decent resolution submission would do. Just stand in front of the phone camera, and record your response. No interview if this option is chosen)

b) A written response to the problem statement followed by a brief 5-10 minute telephonic interview

·  The business problem for Round 1 will be communicated to participants after registering for the event

·  The deadline for this submission is 11:59:59 pm, 5th September 2016

·  8 candidates will be shortlisted for the final event in Vista which will comprise of 4 rounds


Vista Round-1 (Date with history!)

·  Selected candidates will face a crisis session on a historical event

·  Candidates will act as leaders in specific positions (business or state heads) to discuss, deliberate, and decide on the crisis scenario at hand

·  For instance, eight candidates may act as minister of cabinet of India to take a decision on the course of action when China attacked India in 1962

·  The organizing team may tailor the scenario at hand with improvised inputs in-between the discussion

·  This is not an elimination round

·  Round 1 will last for 25-30 minutes

Vista Round-2 (Pitch to raise funding for a grassroots innovation!)

 Grassroots innovations are community-led solutions for sustainability, for instance, a pump developed by an illiterate farmer that works without electricity.

·  Candidates will be given one such grassroots innovation idea, and they will have to pitch to raise capital/ funding on behalf of such grassroots innovation idea

·  Each contestant shall present on the given topic in step 2 for an average of 2-4 minutes

·  The round may or may not have Q&As

·  Based on the combined scoring for Round 1 and Round 2, 4 candidates will be selected to contest in Round 3

·  Round 2 will extend from 40-45 minutes

Vista Round-3 (Make an Impact!)

·  The four shortlisted candidates are expected to give their presentations on a new product launch

·  The product launch scenario shall be specified by the organizing committee.

·  The specific instructions about this round shall be communicated to each shortlisted candidate post the initial shortlisting

·  2 candidates will advance to the final round to contest for the championship

·  Round 3 will run for approximately 30 minutes


Vista Round-4 (Face off!)

·  The two finalists will be given a situation where they will need to do a dual role play in the context of a business scenario/ problem

·  For instance, presenting as an employee and as a CEO in a particular business context

·  The winner shall be announced after the Face Off round

·  This final round will extend for approximately 20 minutes



1. This is an individual event and is open to participants of any age or qualification.

2. Any number of individuals can participate from the same organization, but content should not be plagiarized

3. 8 candidates will be selected for the final event to be held in Vista at IIM B

4. The final event at Vista will last for one day for a maximum of 3-4 hours. The event at Vista among finalists will have four rounds (Do not worry! all of these are small and crisp rounds each lasting for ~30 minutes)

5. Round 2 onwards in Vista are elimination rounds. However, elimination after round 2 shall be based on cumulative scores of Round 1 and Round 2

6. The evaluation of the candidates shall be done by the panel selected by the organizing committee

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