The VC in You

Registration Start Date 18th August 2016 - 9:00 AM
Registration Close Date 3rd September 2016 - 11:55 PM
Min Number of Registrants For Group Registration 3
Max Number of Registrants For Group Registration 5
Prizes Worth To be announced later

“Capital isn’t scarce. Vision is.” – Sam Walton

Be it Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, most billion dollar companies were just a crazy idea once. Do you have it in you to spot the next unicorn? Here is your chance to don the hat of a VC and find out for yourself!

VC Society – The Venture Capital Society of IIM Bangalore, in collaboration with Vista, presents The VC in You, the first of its kind competition in any Indian Business School, which lets you sit on the other side of the table – ‘evaluating start-ups and negotiating investment terms’. Here is your opportunity to act like a Venture Capitalist in real life – it’s real because you judge and question ‘actual seed-funded start-ups’ and present your investment decision to ‘actual VCs’.

Evaluating a start-up definitely has nothing to do with valuations, excel modelling or sector specific expertise. All it requires is sound business sense and some bit of logic. 

Event Format

Prelims: (Online)

Task - Start-up evaluation. Pitch deck of the start up and guiding questions will be released on 22nd Aug.

Finals: (IIM Bangalore) - 23rd to 25th September

A full day highly interactive simulation of the VC process, where you are the VCs, real start-ups come and pitch to you, and VC judges assess your performance. Some important timelines of how the event will proceed with description is given below:

  • Wednesday 21st September 10:00 AM — Shortlisted teams to receive pitches of 3 start-ups that they need to evaluate. These will be start-ups that are already seed funded. Teams can do their research based on the sector and the presentation shared. (No team is allowed to contact the start-up teams before the actual event day; will lead to default disqualification.
  • At IIM Bangalore (Date to be confirmed)

o    9:00 a.m. |  Registration of the teams

o    9:30 a.m. | Debrief the event to teams, start-ups and VC Judges

o    10:00 a.m. |  Start-up pitches (20 minutes to present their business model & pitch for funding to the audience)

o    11:00 a.m. |  Due diligence sessions (15-minutes for Q&A  between team and start-up + 5-minute for Q&A between                   judge and team)

o    1:00 p.m. |   Working lunch for teams

o    2:30 p.m. |   Written deliverables submission in prescribed format

o    2:30 p.m. |   Investment committee meeting (15 minutes for each team)

o    3:45 p.m. |   Judges to Shortlist top 2 teams based on written deliverables, due diligence session and Investment                      committee meeting

o    4:00 p.m. |   Negotiations (top 2 teams, 10 minutes each)

o    4:30 p.m. |   Winners announced

o    5:30 p.m. |   Networking event



  • Each team can comprise of a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 5 participants
  • All participants must belong to the same institute
  • An institute can have any number of teams participating. However, if a team member is found participating as a part of more than one team, all such teams shall be disqualified
  • The decisions of the organizers will be final and binding on all participants
  • Participants are required to sign a general non–disclosure agreement (NDAs) to help us ensure a culture of respect for the entrepreneurs, without whom we would not have an event.
  • We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time. By registering for the event, all participants will be deemed to have accepted the rules and any other requirements set out in the competition material, and will be bound by them.
  • Teams do not reserve the right to use, sell or transfer information presented in the case to any other organization / institution before, during or after the duration of the event.


Submission Details

  • Prelims submission (Online) - 3rd September 2016 (23:59:59)
  • Submission to be sent to
  • Subject line of Email: TheVCinYou_ Institute Name_Team Name
  • Submission format: ppt/ pptx/ pdf (maximum 10 slides)
  • Body of Email: Name, contact number, email address of each team member, Team POC name
  • Filename: The VC in You_Institute Name_Team Name


Prelims Task Guidelines

You are the Executive Vice President of Dogwood Venture, and you closed Fund II of USD 250 mn in June 2016. You came across Rentomatic Pvt Ltd through reference from a founder you had previously invested in.

Rentomatic, investor pitch attached, is looking to raise Series A of USD 4 mn. Rentomatic is a technology company in the upcoming market of property rentals and management, and is in alignment with your fund thesis. You have done your homework about the industry and the company. One week from now, you and your managing partner have a meeting with the founders of Rentomatic. Dogwood is looking to make a quick call in this case as the company is ‘hot’ in the market, therefore your managing partner has asked you for a review meeting before the meeting with the founder.

Carefully review the received ‘investor pitch deck’ of Rentomatic and rental industry in India, and prepare the answers to the following questions for partner meeting:

1. What are the top 5 reasons due to which Dogwood Ventures should invest in Rentomatic?

2. What are the top 3 risks in this investment?

3. What additional information will you need from the founders to finalize the investment decision?

4. How much do you think Dogwood should invest in Rentomatic and for how much stake? List the steps to be employed to arrive at the answer to this questions.

5. As a VC, How can you possibly mitigate the risks identified in question 2 and safeguard your investment?

You are free to make any reasonable assumptions about Rentomatic or Dogwood Ventures, if needed, to arrive at the answers. Clearly state any assumptions made and substantiate them with your insights from industry research and competition study.

Prepare a presentation of not more than 10 slides to facilitate the discussion.


Contact Details 

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Rujhan Gupta : +91-8527171140

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