Stock 20-20

Registration Start Date 18th August 2016 - 6:00 PM
Registration Close Date 2nd September 2016 - 11:55 PM
Min Number of Registrants For Group Registration 2
Max Number of Registrants For Group Registration 3
Prizes Worth Rs 15,000

"In trading, it is not about how much you make but how much you don't lose." - Bernard M. Baruch”

Show off your Fin Gyan by pitching for your favourite stock. Choose a member company of NIFTY or SENSEX and show us why it’s worth our money (or is not!). We expect the participants to set the stage on fire by their technical and/or fundamental analysis of the stock. And give us a long-term/short-term view on whether to buy-hold-sell it (so that we can mint some moolah!). Impress us and a cool cash prize awaits you!

Event Format

Round 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims)

  1. The objective is to be able to predict the future stock price movement in the short-term/long-term on the basis of the analysis, based on which trading strategies can be generated
  2. Teams can select any one stock from BSE 100 or NIFTY 50 for analysis. Being consistent with Vista’s Theme “Look East”, teams choosing stock having exposure* to Asia Pacific nations will be awarded extra points.
  3. The teams are at liberty to choose the time frame (short-term/long-term) of their predictions
  4. Teams can use any form of technical or fundamental analysis that they feel is suitable. Ultimately it’s the story that sells!


Round 2 (On-campus Finals)

Shortlisted candidates will be required to present their analysis before a panel of judges.
*exposure in terms of holding company, large operating subsidiary, customer base(export), import 



  1. Each team can have 2-3 participants
  2. No limit on the number of teams participating from a college
  3. Send us your entries in the format specified in the Submission Details tab


Contact Details

Ritwik Patnekar: +91-9987515165


Sahil Kukreja: +91-9711812454


Submission Details

  1. Submission to be sent to:
  2. Submissions to be sent before: 23:59:59 hrs, 2nd September 2016
  3. Subject line of the email: STOCK20_‹Team Registration ID›_‹Institute Name›_Round 1
  4. Submission format: .ppt/.pptx (only 5 slides) and/or .xls/.xlsx
  5. Body of Email: Name, Contact Number, Email Id, Team Registration Id, Institute name of each team member
  6. Filename: STOCK20_‹Team Registration ID›_‹Institute Name›_Round 1
  7. Each team's submission should contain the following:
    1. Presentation (maximum 5 slides + a team name/member slide)
    2. Excel sheet to support your trading idea (optional)



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