Trojan Horse

Registration Start Date 14th August 2016 - 9:00 PM
Registration Close Date 31st August 2016 - 11:55 PM
Min Number of Registrants For Group Registration 2
Max Number of Registrants For Group Registration 3
Prizes Worth Rs 60,000


So, what exactly is strategy? Some say it’s a set of choices and trade-offs that are to be made, while others say it’s a system of activities that allows businesses to deliver their value propositions… but ultimately, it boils down to figuring out what to do, and then going out and getting it done!

ICON - The Consulting Club, in collaboration with Vista, presents Trojan Horse, which gives you the chance to slip into the shoes of a head honcho, and make decisions that could spell unmatched success, financial ruin, and everything-else-in-between, of your business. It’s a multi-stage event that will test your ability to generate valuable insights, and stick to your guns in the face of intense competitive pressures. 

Round 1

Online / email submission outlining solutions to the questions mentioned in the case.

  • Round 1 is an elimination round

  • The case for Round 1 will be accessible under the Prelims Tab only after having successfully registered for the event

  • Participants are required to submit a 5 to 7 slide presentation

  • Submissions should be in either PPT or PDF formats

  • Participants also have the option of submitting a video presentation along with their PPT / PDF submission. The video should not be more than 10 minutes long

  • 6 Teams will be selected for Round 2

Round 2

  • Shortlisted teams can work further on the problem and make modifications

  • Teams would be required to present to an elite panel of judges during Vista

  • Further details regarding this round will be shared with shortlisted teams



  • Each team can comprise of a minimum of 2, and a maximum of 3 participants

  • All participants must belong to the same institute

  • An institute can have any number of teams participating. However, if a team member is found participating as a part of more than one team, all such teams shall be disqualified

  • The decisions of the organizers will be final and binding on all participants

  • Participants are required to go through the following Terms & Conditions before registering for the event:

    • Information provided in the case is the sole intellectual property of IIMB, and is provided to the participating teams solely for academic purposes

    • Teams will not use information provided in the case for any commercial or non-commercial purposes, whatsoever. Accordingly, teams shall not have any recourse whatsoever

    • Teams shall ensure that the work submitted by them is an original work, and does not infringe on any third party rights whatsoever. In the event of any infringement claims, the respective teams would be liable to be disqualified, and any award (whether monetary or otherwise) or recognition conferred upon them shall be liable to be returned / withdrawn forthwith, as the case may be

  • Teams shall ensure that the work submitted by them does not:

    • Include offensive or obscene language

    • Use excessive / gratuitous violence, or use sexual images

    • Show disrespect towards personal, political and spiritual values, or contain offensive material / remarks on race, gender or religious beliefs

    • Contravene ethical or moral standards

  • We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time. By registering for the event, all participants will be deemed to have accepted the rules and any other requirements set out in the competition material, and will be bound by them
  • Teams do not reserve the right to use, sell or transfer information presented in the case to any other organization / institution before, during or after the duration of the event



The case is accessible for registered participants.



Nabil Rasheed: +918129649574


Jay Kapasi: +91-9860276457


Submission Details:

  • Submissions must be sent to:

  • Submissions must be sent before 11:55 PM on August 31, 2016

  • Subject line: TROJANHORSE_‹Team Registration ID›_‹Institute Name›

  • Email body:
    POC Name
    POC Contact Number
    POC Email
    Team Registration ID
    Institute Name
    Team Member Name(s)

  • Submission format: PPT / PDF / video link of the presentation

  • Submissions should not exceed 7 slides (including Title, Agenda, Thank You etc.). All text must have a font size of 14 and above (anything between 5 to 7 slides).

  • Teams also have the option of submitting a video presentation. The video should not be above 10 minutes in duration, and should be uploaded and shared with

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